Accommodations in Old Orchard Beach

In Maine you’ll find the Old Orchard Beach, which provides several lodging options, for tourists. Whether you’re seeking a hotel by the beach, a bed and breakfast, a vacation rental or a resort that caters to families and friends, there’s something suitable, for everyone. Let’s share some of the choices with you.

Summary of Hotels and Resorts in Old Orchard Beach

Atlantic Ocean Suite6 Brown St, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States$430
Wave Oceanfront Resort87 West Grand Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States$145
Mt Royal Hotel30 W Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064-2624$156
The Gull Motel89 W Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States$160
The Grand Beach Inn198 E Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States$133
Aballone Inn and Suites1 York Street, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064, United States$113

Atlantic Ocean Suite

Atlantic Ocean Suite old orchard beach, maine

Atlantic Ocean Suite | IG

In the Atlantic Ocean Suite, whether you’re a couple looking for a getaway or a larger family or group in need of space and comfort, the suites are designed to cater to your needs. The location is steps away from the beach offering views of the ocean and sandy shoreline. If you enjoy cooking outdoors, they also have a designated area, with grills where you can prepare seaside dishes.

Wave Oceanfront Resort

Wave Oceanfront Resort old orchard beach, maine

Wave Oceanfront Resort | IG @wavesoceanfrontresort

The Wave Oceanfront Resort offers more, than accommodation; it provides an opportunity for vacations and treasured moments with loved ones. Begin your day with a tranquil stroll along the beach to witness the beauty of a sunrise build sandcastles or simply unwind by the pool. Close by, you’ll find the Old Orchard Beach Pier and various amusements that offer entertainment for all ages. Ensure you also indulge in Maine lobster or seafood at eateries or perhaps enjoy a serene bonfire on the beach. Whether you seek adventure or relaxation the Wave Oceanfront Resort, in Old Orchard Beach is a destination to fully immerse yourself in Maine’s coastline and its captivating allure.

Mt Royal Motel

Mt Royal Motel old orchard beach, maine

Mt Royal Hotel | IG @mtroyalhotel

The Mt Royal Motel is a hotel located in the heart of downtown. It’s a destination where you can have a fun-filled time. You’ll have the opportunity to discover the market various dining options, lively nightlife and much more. There’s an abundance of things to do. Additionally, its convenient location allows for exploration of attractions, without any parking concerns as they provide parking facilities. Furthermore, its always bustling with activity. It’s definitely worth checking out.

The Gull Motel

The Gull Motel old orchard beach, maine

The Gull Motel | IG @gullmotel

The Gull Motel has been a long-standing choice, for lodging in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. It has gained popularity due to its position and welcoming environment for families. Positioned a stroll from Old Orchard Beach and its renowned Pier, The Gull Motel serves as an excellent starting point, for visitors seeking to relish the beach and the numerous attractions nearby.

Alouette Beach Resort

Alouette Beach Resort old orchard beach, maine

Alouette Beach Resort | IG @alouettebeachresort

In Old Orchard Beach, Maine, you’ll find the delightful Alouette Beach Resort. The resort offers a variety of accommodations, including rooms with ocean views, cozy apartments and lovely cottages. Guests also have access to the Old Orchard Sandy Beach and the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, its conveniently located close to near attractions such, as the iconic Palace Playland Old Orchard Beach Pier.

Abellona Inn and Suites

Abellona Inn and Suites, old orchard beach, maine

Abellona Inn and Suites | @abellonainn

Abellona Inn & Suites is a getaway situated on Sandy Beach in Maine. This captivating spot provides ocean views refreshing sea breezes and a peaceful ambiance. Visitors can partake in activities such as, walks along the beach exciting kayaking and paddleboarding expeditions crafting elaborate sandcastles or simply unwinding by dipping their toes into the sandy shores. With its offerings, this delightful destination is certainly deserving of a visit.

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