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landscape in bali

Landscapes in Bali | @exodus

Bali is a tourist spot known for its scenery, diverse cultural heritage and lively traditions. If you’re looking to explore this paradise, Exodus Travels offers a range of curated Bali Vacation Packages for you. These packages are designed to not just let you fully embrace Balis beauty but also create unforgettable moments tailored to your preferences. Get ready, for a 10-day adventure, in Bali filled with thrills, fascinating discoveries and awe inspiring experiences. Stay tuned as we dive into the itinerary of this journey!

Summary Of Exodus Bali Vacation Activities

Vacation PackageExodus 10-day Bali Vacation package
Package ExtrasAccommodation in Bali, feeding, transportation and a tour guide
Package PriceFrom £2199
Day 1Vacation Begins at Ubud Wana Resort
Day 2Camphuan Ridge and Jungle fish exploration
Day 3Culinary classes and a tour of John Hardy showroom and art workshop
Day 4A visit to Mount Batur
Day 5Jatiluwih Exploration
Day 6Hike through the west bali national park
Day 7Nusa Lembongan and Woobar Beach Exploration
Day 8Chills at the Legian Beach and La Brisa Club
Day 9A visit to Uluwata Temple
Day 10Return Trip: Vacation Ends

Day 1

A villa in Ubud Wana Resort bali

A villa in Ubud Wana Resort | @ubudwanaresort

The vacation journey starts in Denpasar, the vibrant capital of Bali. You get to enjoy a comfortable air-conditioned transfer to the serene Ubud Wana Resort, nestled in the Nyuh Kuning area of Ubud.

Here, you get to relax and unwind from the travel stress and enjoy the serene atmosphere the Ubud Wana Resort offers. The remainder of the day is at your leisure. You can use this period to settle in properly and indulge in a refreshing swim and treats at the resort. As the day unfolds, take a leisure walk with the other tourists to familiarize yourselves with the area as you’ll be staying there for 4-days. You can also grab a bite at the Hujan Locale, a restaurant renowned for its street food-inspired dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

Day 2

Campuhan Ridge bali

Campuhan Ridge

Your 2nd day adventure begins with a morning exercise (yoga) to get you warmed up for the day’s exploration. Your next stop is the enchanting Campuhan Ridge

Campuhan Ridge, which is also referred to as Campuhan Walk is a pathway located in Ubud, Bali. It provides mesmerizing vistas of scenery and terraced rice fields. This captivating ridge attracts nature enthusiasts and individuals looking for a getaway.

Legong Balinese Dance Performance

Legong Balinese Dance Performance |

Following the walk, you might be feeling a bit weary. The next destination is Jungle Fish, celebrated for its lively open-air restaurant and pool bar. Here, you get to relish in a light lunch and take a soothing swim in the pool. As the day continues, get ready for an evening of cultural immersion. You get to Hop on a classic Vespa and cruise through Balinese streets to a local family’s house for a one-of-a-kind dinner experience. Delight in genuine local dishes while enjoying the enchanting Legong Balinese traditional dance performance—an experience that treats both your taste buds and senses.

This activity marks the end of your 2nd day.

Day 3

Tourists in John Hardy workshop bali

Tourists in John Hardy workshop | @Johnhardy

Day 3 is tailored solely for you. Start your day by exploring the market in Ubud Wana, where you can carefully select from a range of spices, meats, seafood and fresh veggies. After collecting your ingredients, head to a cooking school nestled amidst picturesque green fields. On getting there, you will be welcomed by the aroma of various delicacies in the atmosphere. If interested, you can treat yourself to a spread of cakes and fruits available before you step into the open-air kitchen for a fun filled cooking class where you can skillfully transform your chosen ingredients into mouthwatering delicacies. As the class draws to a close, savor the flavors and satisfaction of your adventure as you indulge in a lunch prepared by none, other than yourself.


The early afternoon grants you free time to indulge in your preferred activities. Later, reconvene with the group for an exclusive tour of the John Hardy showroom and workshop. Immerse yourself in the world of this artisan jeweler, known for its unwavering eco-principles and mastery of ancient techniques. Discover the craftsmanship behind their high-end pieces within the expansive 400-acre design center.

Day 4

Mount Batur

Mount Batur | @viator

It’s the 4th day of fun and chills in Bali. At this point, you must be feeling quite hyped about what is to come. Well, on this day, you get to embark on an extraordinary adventure as the first light of dawn breaks. The journey takes you on a 1-hour and 30-minute ride to the base of Mount Batur, a captivating active volcano.

Following a safety briefing, you and your team will begin your ascent along the mountains rocky path, guided by the soft glow of flashlights, leading to the summit of the main crater. Your efforts are met with a breathtaking sunrise, revealing the majestic Mount Abang and Mount Agung, all while savoring a delightful ‘champagne’ breakfast. While descending the western slope, you can make stops at craters and smoking cones, providing opportunities to explore the lava field that envelops the volcano. Trek across the unique black lava sand, immersing yourself in the fascinating terrain. As the journey unfolds, discover a sacred hot spring nestled at the mountain’s base, offering a tranquil haven to soothe your muscles. The remainder of the day is yours to embrace as you please, ensuring a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation during your Bali escapade.

Day 5

Jatiluwih bali

Jatiluwih | @unesco

This day is a very busy day as you have a number of trips to make. This is where you bid farewell to the enchanting Ubud Wana Resort after a hearty breakfast. Your next stop is Jatiluwih, a UNESCO-listed site renowned for its sprawling rice terraces. Here, you indulge in a unique 9-mile (15 km) biking adventure, navigating through the verdant landscapes while unraveling the secrets of traditional cultivation methods and the intricate irrigation system. Rest assured, a delightful lunch at a local restaurant in Jatiluwih awaits you.

Naya Gawana Resort infinity pool | @nayaresorts

As the day unfolds, you get to immerse yourselves in the rich Balinese culture by donning traditional attire for a special blessing ceremony conducted by a priest at a sacred temple. Your next destination is Pemuteran, a 2-hour and 30-minute journey to the north. On getting there, it’ll be quite late. Your haven for the night is the Naya Gawana Resort & Spa, a traditional Balinese-style retreat perched on the edge of West Bali National Park. Set against the backdrop of Menjangan Bay, the resort boasts an infinity pool offering breathtaking views of the bay and mountains, providing the perfect setting for a tranquil evening.

Day 6

NAYA Gawana resort bali

Early on-site breakfast in NAYA Gawana resort | @nayaresorts

Start your day off with a sumptuous on-site breakfast while enjoying the breathtaking views of ocean and the lush mangrove forest. After a little rest on eating, you can embark on a 3-hour hike, through the jungle of West Bali National Park accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide. Immerse yourself in learning about the protected plant and animal species and keep your eyes peeled for the black leaf monkeys, grey macaques and various birdlife.

As the afternoon progresses, you and your team will checkout from Naya Gawana resort and make your way, to Jimbaran Beach, which will take approximately three hours. Your next destination is the Anja Jimbaran where you will settle in for the remaining four-night stay

Day 7

Nusa Lembongan bali

Nusa Lembongan |

It’s the 7th day of your trip already. This day is all about the beach exploration. You get to embark on a journey that spans two hours on a boat transporting you to the captivating Nusa Lembongan. A paradise for both surfers and beach lovers. Immerse yourself in the laid-back ambiance of white sand beaches shaded by swaying palm trees and gently caressed by crystal waters. Grab a snorkel. Explore the coral reefs just off the coast revealing a mesmerizing underwater world.

As the day unfolds, indulge in beach vibes while relishing a barbecue that adds a touch of pleasure to your island escape. In the afternoon bid farewell to this haven and return to the main island.

Woobar bali

Woobar |@woobarbali

The adventure continues as you transition to W Bali Resorts Woobar, where you’ll discover the beach club scene. Immerse yourself in an hour mixology class amidst surroundings allowing you to create and savor your own unique concoctions. It’s a blend of relaxation, adventure and a sprinkle of mixology magic, along Balis shores.

Day 8

Legian Beach bali

Legian Beach | @hotels

Embrace the essence of the 8th day with a thrilling adventure at Legian Beach.

Dive into the ocean for an exhilarating paddleboarding experience. For learners, you’ll be given a fun tutorial on how to paddleboard where the sea becomes your playground. Post-paddleboarding adventure, the vibrant Legian awaits your exploration. As the day gracefully transitions into night, you get to experience on a scenic hour-long drive (transfer included) to Canggu. There, await a culinary delight at the charming La Brisa, nestled on the shores of Echo Beach.

La Brisa bali

La Brisa | @labrisa-bali

This rustic oceanfront club promises a delightful dining experience under the stars (own expense), adding a touch of seaside magic to your evening.

Day 9

Uluwatu temple bali

Uluwatu temple | @theungasan

This day marks the climax of your adventure in Bali. Indulge in a leisurely morning, savoring the surroundings of the hotel and the sun-kissed beauty of Jimbaran Beach. As the afternoon unfolds, look forward to a journey to Uluwatu Temple- one of the cultural sites in Bali with spiritual significance, gracefully positioned on a cliff. There, under the canvas of a setting sun, immerse yourself in the captivating performance of the Kecak dance- a popular dance show in Bali that takes place in the sunset.

The evening takes a magical turn as you venture to a secret cave in the vicinity with your team, nestled away from the world, offering a breathtaking panorama of a white-sand beach against the ocean backdrop. Delight in a sumptuous four-course dinner, a fitting and unforgettable finale to your Bali adventure.

Day 10

Wake up relishing in the lingering memories of the incredible 10-day Bali adventure. As you contemplate bidding farewell to this enchanting paradise, you might find it hard to part ways with the wonders of Bali. For those keen on extending the journey with additional explorations, express your interest in Exodus’s post-trip offerings. However, for others, today signals the conclusion of this remarkable expedition. Following a hearty breakfast, embark on your homeward journey. What a truly adventurous trip it has been!

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