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landscape in maine

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Maine is a paradise, for golfers offering an inviting experience that seamlessly blends the sport with the beauty of this captivating destination. In addition to enjoying the greens and golf balls golf enthusiasts in Maine can expect a journey where they can admire the mountains, pristine lakes and the shimmering Atlantic Ocean as a stunning backdrop to their game. Join us on an exploration through some of Maine’s golf courses each one telling its unique story and offering not just a game but an opportunity to discover the breath-taking landscapes that make Maine an unparalleled destination, for golf lovers. Let’s embrace the charm and allure that await us as we embark on this one-of-a-kind golfing adventure.


Maine’s Northern Town

Maine’s Northern Town | @Forbes

Nestled in the heart of the United States Maine is a state known for its breath-taking beauty. It shares borders, with New Hampshire to the west while its south-eastern coastline is graced by the enchanting Gulf of Maine. To the northeast and northwest Maine shares boundaries with the provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec respectively. Maine stands out as one of the populated states on the eastern side of the magnificent Mississippi River.

This captivating state boasts a landscape that includes mountains, dense forests and a stunning coastline along the Gulf of Maine. Visitors are drawn to tourist destinations such, as Old Orchard Beach, Freeport, Portland Head Light and Acadia National Park. These places invite exploration. Offer a tapestry of experiences that showcase Maine’s unique charm

Various Golf Courses in Maine

From the rural areas in Maine, to the Urban areas, to the mountains, and to the sea, Maine offers a variety of golfing experiences to suit every taste. Whether you’re a first-time player or you’re familiar with the sport, it’s all the same, you get to experience the seemingly relaxing vibe the sport gives.  The traditional Golf, Mini Golf, Disc Golf, and Pitch and putt golf are some of the popular types of the sport which be explored here.

Traditional Golf

Traditional golf in Maine is a experience where the timeless essence of the sport harmonizes perfectly with the picturesque landscapes of the state. With a range of golf courses, for players at every skill level Maine provides enthusiasts with an opportunity to indulge in this classic game, amidst breath-taking natural surroundings. Among the loved golf courses are some favourites like Portland Country Club, Cape Arundel Golf Club and Samoset Resort Golf.

Portland Country Club

Portland Golf Course

Portland Golf Course | IG @portlandgolfcourse

Nestled in the heart of Falmouth, Maine you’ll find the Portland Country Club, a premier destination, for golf enthusiasts looking to enjoy their sport in a picturesque setting. This exclusive club takes pride in its design and layout. The Portland Country Clubs golf course is renowned for its timeless layout that combines challenging holes, with the beauty of Maine’s landscape. The course features-maintained greens, rolling terrains and stunning views that enhance your golfing experience. Asides the golf course itself, Portland Country Club offers a variety of amenities including a clubhouse, dining options and social events to ensure that members have a rounded and enjoyable experience.

Cape Arundel Golf Club

Cape Arundel Golf Club

Cape Arundel Gold Course | IG @capearundelgolfclub

Cape Arundel Golf Club is another one of the traditional gold courses located in Kennebunkport, Maine. The course features a variety of hole types, the greens are well-protected by bunkers and water hazards, and the fairways are lined with mature trees. It’s golf course is well maintained and highly regarded in the vicinity.

Samoset Resort Golf

Samoset Resort Golf

Cape Arundel Gold Course | IG @capearundelgolfclub

The Samoset Resort Golf Club a traditional golf club renowned for its scenery. Situated on a peninsula that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, this course offers views of the coastline from many of its angles. Moreover, it serves as a habitat for wildlife, such, as deer, foxes and eagles. It’s a very lively place to be in.

To explore more traditional golf options in Maine, visit here.

Mini Golf

Miniature golf, also known as mini golf is another variant of the golf sport in Maine. This particular variant offers a budget friendly golf experience for families and individuals of any age. Across the state, there are mini golf courses scattered about that cater to this recreational activity. To mention a few are the Desert of Maine, Golf of Maine, Smugglers Cove Mini Golf, the Lost Kingdom Mini Golf and Martel’s Mini Golf

Desert of Maine

Desert of Maine

Desert of Maine Mini Golf | @desertofmaine

Here, at the Desert of Maine you’ll discover a contemporary fresh course showcasing intriguing landscapes, captivating water features, unique holes and sculptures that narrate the history of the Desert! You’re welcome here at any-time of the year, you’ll enjoy a golfing experience to remember.

Golf of Maine

Golf of Maine

Golf of Maine Course | @golfofmaine

Golf of Maine showcases a mini golf course located in the southwest Harbour. The course features awe-inspiring views of the lush forests and green landscapes in the vicinity. You can also relish in the artworks showing the various sea creatures in the Gulf of Maine.  Golf of Maine is one of those Mini Golf courses you shouldn’t miss out on.

Smugglers Cove Mini Golf

Smugglers Cove Mini Golf

Smugglers Cove Golf Course | @smugglersgolf

Smugglers Cove Mini Golf is another mini golf station in Maine that promises not just a game but a pirate escapade full of laughter, surprises, and perhaps a friendly gator greeting. Gather your crew, young and old, and set sail for a mini golf experience like no other. Arr matey, the golfing seas also await your conquering!

More mini golf options in Maine can be explored here.

Disc Golf

Disc golf in Maine is a new addition to the variants of golf that combines golf with the thrill of throwing flying discs. Maine boasts several graphic disc golf courses, offering guests and tourists alike a unique and enjoyable way to experience the sport. From the traditional golf landscapes to the mini and disc variants, Maine’s disc golf courses cater to players of all skill levels, providing an indulging and delightful outdoor activity in beautiful surroundings. Some of them will be explored below.

Sabattus Disc Golf Course

Sabattus Disc Golf Course

Sabattus Disc Golf Course | @sabattusdiscgolf

Sabattus Disc Golf Course is a destination, for disc golf lovers of all levels. It strikes a balance between offering a fun and challenging experience making it suitable for both those seeking a rush and newcomers who want to discover the game in a welcoming atmosphere. Besides its thought-out layout, the course also offers the opportunity to enjoy picnics, with loved ones creating moments amidst the picturesque disc golf surroundings.           

Portland Disc Golf Course

Portland Disc Golf Course

Portland Disc Golf Course |IG @psudiscgolf

Experience a disc golf journey, at the Portland Disc Golf Course also known as Pier Park Disc Golf Course situated in the heart of Portland, Maine. This renowned course offers a captivating design that combines challenging sports with awe- inspiring surroundings. Prepare yourself for a disc golf adventure where you can immerse yourself in both thrilling gameplay and breath-taking scenery.

Lake St. George Disc Golf Course

Lake St. George Disc Golf Course

Lake St. George Disc Golf Course | IG @lakestgeorge

Embark on a disc golf journey at the enchanting Lake St. George Disc Golf Course, a 9-hole gem nestled in the scenic landscapes of Lake George, New York. This public course invites players to enjoy a complimentary round of disc golf set against the backdrop of Lake St. George and the majestic surrounding mountains. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of nature while experiencing the thrill of disc golf on this picturesque course.

There are other Disc Golf courses in Maine. Visit here to explore more of them.

Pitch And Putt Golf

Explore the pitch and putt golf, a twist of the golf sport, played on shorter courses with smaller holes. Maine is home to pitch and putt courses making it a perfect destination for beginners or anyone looking for a quick and enjoyable round of golf. Discover some of the pitch and putt courses, in Maine;

Apple Hill Golf Course

Apple hill golf course

Apple Hill Golf Course | @applehillgolf

Embark on a golfing adventure at Apple Hill Golf Course’s delightful pitch and putt course, where honing your short game becomes an enjoyable experience. Perfect for families seeking a leisurely round, this course offers a delightful blend of simplicity and fun. Take a swing and savor the joy of golf in a picturesque setting.

Twin Falls Golf Course

Twin Falls Golf Course | @twinfallsgc

Transform your golfing experience at this course, twin falls golf course, by opting for the pitch and putt style. Choose the red tees, and armed with just your putter and pitching wedge, navigate through a shortened and slightly less challenging course. Embrace the joy of a fun yet invigorating round as you putt your way to success.

Pine Hill Golf Course

Pine Hill Golf Course

Pine Hill Golf Course | @pinehillgolfcourse

Embark on a golfing adventure at Pine Hill Golf Course in Taylor, Pennsylvania, where the allure of a pitch and putt course awaits. This gem is tailored for golfers of every skill level. Immerse yourself in a well-maintained landscape, encountering an array of hole types. Navigate strategically as you face bunkers, water hazards, and fairways adorned with majestic, mature trees. Pine Hill promises a golfing escapade that harmonizes challenge with scenic beauty.

Want to discover some more of the pitch and putt courses in Maine? Visit here.

Planning Your Golf Trip To Maine

To truly make the most of your golfing experience in Maine, it’s of paramount significance to choose appropriate timing. Opt for the summer months when the weather’s pleasant and daylight hours are longer. However, don’t overlook spring as they can also provide enjoyable playing conditions with fewer clouds. Additionally, it’s advisable to secure your golfing times, in advance during the peak summer season or if you plan to play at popular courses.

You should also wear proper clothing. Pack the right gear and accessories. Given Maine’s weather layering your clothing and carrying a rain jacket is wise. Furthermore, ensure you wear footwear and protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Once all these preparations are taken care of immerse yourself in the scenery that Maine has to offer. Many courses boast vistas of its mountains, lakes and rivers. Whether you’re a golfer or an enthusiastic beginner a remarkable golfing experience awaits you in this state of Maine.

Summary Of Golf Courses in Maine

Golf in MaineStats.
Traditional GolfPortland Country Club, Cape Arundel Golf Club, Samoset Golf Course
Mini Golf Desert of Maine, Golf of Maine, Smugglers Cove Golf Course.
Disc GolfPortland Disc Golf Course, Sabattus Disc Golf Course, Lake St. George Disc Golf Course
Pitch and PuffApple Hill Golf Course, Twin Falls Golf Course, Pine Hill Gold Course
Best Golfing PeriodSummer Months, Spring and Fall (Periodically)

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