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HalloBali Vacation Packages

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As a travel agency specializing in travel, Hallobali invites you to surrender to the allure of Bali within 4 days and 3 nights in Sanur, an enchanting land that brings together traditions, breathtaking landscapes crystal clear waters and vibrant local customs to offer an unforgettable escape. During your stay you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the essence of this island oasis where each day unfolds like a captivating chapter of a story. From tranquil beaches to temples and bustling markets, the Sanur Hallobali Vacation Package guarantees a combination of relaxation and exploration. Let us be your guide as we unveil gems, unique cultural experiences and natural wonders that define Bali’s beauty. Whether you seek moments by the ocean, cultural immersion or thrilling adventures, amidst lush greenery our package is tailored to fulfill every traveler’s desires.

Highlights of Hallobali Vacation Package

Vacation PackageHallobali Vacation Package
Vacation ExtrasAccommodation, pick up at the airport, return transfers, daily breakfast
Package PriceStarts from $355
Day 1Vacation Begins at Sanur
Day 2A visit to the Le Mayeur Museum and the Sanur Markets
Day 3Exploring the Patal Temple and the Bali Sharks Conservation Centre
Day 4A day trip to Nusa Penida- Vacation ends

Day 1

Sanur Beach bali

Sanur Beach | IG

Your journey begins today as your tour guide awaits you at the airport (early arrival is recommended for you to maximize your time). Upon reaching the hotel, a warm meet and greet with the rest of the group awaits you. What sets this package apart is the autonomy it offers – you are the master of your own time. After settling in, whether you crave pure relaxation, choosing to lounge on the serene white-sand beach or by the pool, or if you’re eager to explore the lively heart of Sanur, the choice is entirely yours. You can kickstart your exploration by visiting the picturesque Sanur Beach.

The Sanur Beach is one of a kind. Here, you can participate in a range of activities, from horse riding to biking, and many other interesting stuffs. A visit to this place also serves as a form of relaxation which allows you to unwind beside the coastal waters that Sanur Beach features.

Day 2

Le Mayeur Museum in Bali | IG @pauldobing

Wake up feeling enthusiastic about your explorations for today. Consider a visit to the Le Mayeur Museum, showcasing a diverse collection of artworks and historical artifacts, including captivating paintings and intricate woodworks. Exploring this museum promises to open a new world of insights, offering a deeper understanding of the rich cultural and artistic tapestry that defines this captivating destination.

After your museum visit, you can also embark on a fascinating tour around the vibrant Sanur Markets, which includes the Sindhu Beach Market, Art Market Kumbasari, Pasar Budung Market, and the Sanur Night Market. Depending on the time remaining after your museum exploration, you can either delve into all these markets or choose a few for a delightful shopping spree. These markets boast diverse collections and offer a plethora of local culinary options in Sanur. It’s an excellent opportunity to tantalize your taste buds with the rich flavors of various cuisines, providing a culinary adventure that complements your exploration of local arts and crafts.

Day 3

Patal Temple bali

Patal Temple |

It’s already Day 3 of your journey. An enticing activity for today is a visit to the Patal Temple. This iconic, well-maintained temple is adorned with relics and populated by friendly monkeys. Nestled by the beachside, the temple boasts architectural splendor, providing a picturesque setting where you can capture high-resolution 4KHD photos to your heart’s content. Explore the cultural richness and natural beauty that the Patal Temple has to offer, making it a memorable addition to your Bali adventure.

A shark housed in Bali Shark Centre | IG

After your visit to the temple, you can consider taking a trip to the Bali Sharks Conservation Centre. This remarkable project serves as a means to conserve the lives of these marine species. The center is home to various shark species, from the young to the old, providing a comprehensive view of these fascinating creatures. Moreover, if you’re interested, the centre offers tourists the unique opportunity to swim with and feed these amazing animals. Immerse yourself in the conservation efforts and experience a close encounter with the incredible marine life at the Bali Sharks Conservation Centre. After this exhilarating adventure, a sumptuous dinner is highly recommended. Delight in the flavors of a local dish expertly prepared by culinary experts in the region. Following your delectable meal, you should immerse yourself in the vibrant local nightlife, creating unforgettable memories as you prepare for your return trip home. Enjoy the unique blend of flavors, cultural richness, and lively atmosphere that characterize the evening in this enchanting destination.

Day 4

Tourist chilling in Nusa Penida bali

Tourist chilling in Nusa Penida | IG @hantsutomo

It’s the fourth day already and your vacation ends today. However, why not book a night return trip and make the most of your day in Sanur. You can embark on a ferry ride to Nusa Penida and immerse yourself in the captivating allure of this enchanting island.

Nusa Penida stands as one of Bali’s gems, boasting unparalleled beauty and a plethora of attractions to explore. Opting for a day trip from Bali with a same-day return allows you to unravel the island’s wonders in a compact timeframe. Nusa Penida beckons with its abundance of picturesque photo spots, invigorating hikes, and a myriad of activities to indulge in.

As you prepare to leave Sanur, take a moment to appreciate the lasting memories from your 4 day journey, in Bali. While heading to the airport, reflect on the moments you experienced in this captivating place. Safe Travels.

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