Places To Eat In New Orleans

New Orleans is widely known for its cultural diversity and imaginative cuisine, no matter which part of the city you visit and the famous Mardi Gras celebration, which takes place in New Orleans and carries a powerful meaning derived from food , also . In fact, it is well known that tourists visit the city only to eat.

So, we thought it would be best to help you  out with some of the best places to eat that you could visit and make your journey to New Orleans  a truly memorable experience. Here’s a mouth-watering menu just for you

1. Olde Nola Cookery

olde nola cookery

Olde Nola Cookery | IG: oldenolacookery

Nestled right on the  famous Bourbon Street, this  restaurant serves an array of wonderful dishes. Jambalaya, in particular, is a local dish served with seafood and meats that has left both  locals and tourists wanting more!

2. Mother’s Restaurant

mother restaurants

Mother’s Restaurant | IG: mothersrestaurant

Legendary since 1938, Mother’s Restaurant has kept its customers filled to the brim and hungry for more at the same time. Many have this place marked for the amazing quality of its fried chicken, with its crispy crust and soft, fleshy inside.

3. Oceana Grill

Oceana Grill

Customers waiting in line | IG: oceanagrill

A classic restaurant located in the very center of the French Quarter, this is a place for the ages! It is most especially recognized for its famous crab cakes, described as of a world-class quality, among other meals. This is not counting the cocktail bar nestled within, as well.

4. Mandina’s Restaurant

Mandina’s Restaurant

Mandina’s Restaurant | IG: mandinasrestaurant

If you are a traveler seeking to grab either breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is one place you must never miss; Mandina’s Restaurant. Family owned and rightfully possessing a family-friendly aura, this is a place to savor Italian-inspired dishes.

5. Acme Oyster House

Acme Oyster House

Acme Oyster House | IG: acmeoyster

This place has been around for the last 113 years! More than a century and still a people’s favorite! You ask how they do it? Just have a taste of their globally famous charbroiled oysters and classic variety of dipping sauces and you’ll find yourself starring it as a favorite, too!

6. Royal House Oyster Bar

Royal House Oyster Bar

Upstairs Bar, Royal House Oyster Bar | IG: royalhousenola

Fried alligator served with remoulade sauce, oyster tostadas and Rockefeller bombolone, blue crab claws or crawfish toast. It’s up to you to pick which version of paradise you want to experience at this amazing restaurant! You could never exhaust the options. As many reviewers described, the one word for the food here is: delicious.

7. The Court of Two Sisters

The Court of Two Sisters

Court of Two Sisters | IG: courtoftwosisters

Housed in two 18th century courtyards, with a lush and romantic setting, and a live jazz brunch held on Sundays, this is a place for memories! The Court of Two Sisters has a historic atmosphere and serves not just food for the stomach, but for the mind as well. You wouldn’t want to miss the gumbo, duck confit and blackened catfish served here.

8. Commander's Palace, Garden District

Commander's Palace new orleans

Commander’s Palace | IG: commanderspalace

As it is the  go-to for Haute Creole cuisine, Commander’s Palace has evolved into a legend in its own field. Established in the year 1893, the restaurant has made a  name for itself in the specialty of Louisiana-style Creole cuisine. It has also been the recipient of seven James Beard Foundation awards. What greater pleasure than to eat the most carefully curated  dishes at an award-winning restaurant? Visit Commander’s Palace restaurant, located in the famous Garden District for a satisfying meal!

9. Cochon Restaurant

Cochon Restaurant new orleans

Cochon Restaurant | IG: cochon_nola

A restaurant renowned for its creative and imaginative menu, Cochon Restaurant offers an authentic Cajun experience in its cuisine. The service is unmatched and the pork dishes are described by reviewers as impeccable.

10. Dooky Chase Restaurant, Treme

Dooky Chase Restaurant new orleans

Dooky Chase Restaurant | IG: dookychaserestaurant

Located in Treme and part of a family’s heritage, this wonderful restaurant has had the pleasure of serving two past Presidents of the United States of America. That alone tells you that Dooky Chase is worthy of the word used to describe it by many tourists: outstanding!

Each of these places have held a special place in the hearts of tourists and locals for years, despite their differing years of establishment. Every one of them is committed to letting you experience the power of your tongue to have memories of their delish cuisines! What are you waiting for? Pick your choice and ORDER!!!

We hope this helps!

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