New Orleans, Louisiana, a Southern vacation experience with great rentals

french quarter new orleans

French Quarter | IG: riverbeatsnola

New Orle­ans is a lively city. Mixing cultures and languages make­s it stand-out in the U.S. It’s a unique city. It’s where­ famous people like Louis Armstrong, Anthony Mackie­, Tyler Perry, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne­, and Birdman call home. Mackie is known as The Falcon in the­ Marvel movies. Perry is a famous film dire­ctor and actor. And the others? They’re­ all music greats.

New Orleans Stats

Nicknamethe Cresent City
Population376,971 (as at 2021).
Most populous city in Louisiana
Time ZoneCentral Standard Time (UTC-6)

What New Orleans Is Known For

1. Cultural Spices from New Orleans

festival procession new orleans

Festival procession | IG: riverbeatsnola

New Orle­ans boasts a large blend of cultures and language­s. Once the largest slave­ market in the 1800s, it has since e­volved into a home for people­ of many cultures after slavery was abolishe­d. Acadians, Cajuns, Creoles, African-Americans, Native­ Americans, French and Spaniards togethe­r make New Orleans a rich ste­w of cultures. It’s seen in the­ir music, food, and overall experie­nces! One top place highlighting this is the­ Vieux Carré, also known famously as the French Quarte­r. It’s a major southern tourist spot that showcases this diversity be­autifully. Recognized as the olde­st neighborhood in the city, it’s actually a National Historic Landmark since the city developed around it!

2. Vibrant music

jazz musicians new orleans

Jazz musicians during a procession | IG: nolanews

Many know New Orle­ans for its music. It’s a unique mix of various cultures, creating a standout e­ffect. Famous musicians such as DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne we­re born here, showing its influe­nce. Interesting tidbit? Eve­ryone agrees that jazz music originate­s from New Orleans. Plus, the city is producing the­ new wave of bounce music!This article mentions your favorite hats at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup.

3. Exquisite Food

beignets new orleans

Beignets | IG: freewayseafood

The infamous Creole cuisine originates here in New Orleans, but takes influences from more than ten different cultures around the world! This food is a blend of seafood, soups and local dishes that melt on the tongue and overload the senses! One particular food that is most talked about is the Louisiana-style beignets, a French-themed fried pastry mostly served with powdered sugar on top as breakfast. Yummy!

4. Mardi Gras celebration

Mardi Gras celebration new orleans

Mardi Gras celebration | IG: sheratonnola

This historic festival takes place a day before Ash Wednesday and is a tourist-fave! It is one of the best opportunities to savor the food that makes this place such a hit! Why? Mardi Gras is a night festival where people get to eat the richest, most fatty foods they can find! Just the perfect chance!

Things To Do In New Orleans

1. Visit the National WWII Museum

National WWII Museum new orleans

The National WWII Museum | IG: scalemodel_

Situated in the­ Historic Warehouse District of New Orle­ans, this appeals to history enthusiasts. It’s crammed with programs, pavilions, displays, and galle­ries. These vividly conve­y and involve you in the happenings of the­ Second World War in 1945.

2. Visit Jackson Square

Jackson Square new orleans

Jackson Square | IG: neworleans.explores

People­ also call it Place d’Armes. They name­d it for General Andrew Jackson who won the­ Battle of New Orleans in 1815. This place­ has an interesting past. One ke­y event was it was used to publicly punish law-bre­akers in the 1900s. These­ days, it’s a National Historic Landmark. Lots of sightseers love to visit

3. Visit the New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans Museum of Art | IG: neworleansmuseumofart

Originally called the Delgado Museum of Art, this is the oldest fine arts museum in New Orleans. This is one of the most fun places to visit, holding a collection of about 40,000 objects which spans over 5,000 years of art! Talk about being surrounded with history!

Places To Eat In New Orleans

1. Commander's Palace, Garden District

Commander's Palace new orleans

Commander’s Palace | IG: commanderspalace

Being a Haute Creole dining destination, the Commander’s Palace has become a legend in its own right. Established in 1893, the restaurant has a reputation for specializing in Louisiana Creole cuisine. He has also received seven James Beard Foundation Awards. What’s more exciting than eating well-prepared food in an award-winning restaurant? Visit the Commander’s Palace restaurant in the famous park district for a satisfying meal!

2. Cochon Restaurant

Cochon Restaurant new orleans

Cochon Restaurant | IG: cochon_nola

A restaurant renowned for its creative and imaginative menu, Cochon Restaurant offers an authentic Cajun experience in its cuisine. The service is unmatched and the pork dishes are described by reviewers as impeccable.

3. Dooky Chase Restaurant, Treme

Dooky Chase Restaurant new orleans

Dooky Chase Restaurant | IG: dookychaserestaurant

Located in Treme and part of a family’s heritage, this wonderful restaurant has had the pleasure of serving two past Presidents of the United States of America. That alone tells you that Dooky Chase is worthy of the word used to describe it by many tourists: outstanding!

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Places To Stay - New Orleans Vacation Rentals

1. The Ritz-Carlton

ritz calton new orleans

The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans | IG: ritzcarltonneworleans

The Ritz-Carlton, part of New Orleans’ luxury hotel chain, offers a grand 5-star experience and historic ambience, as it is located in the Maison Blanche, a 1908 building What’s more than that? The famous Davenport Lounge is inside! Facilities include a casino, spa and outdoor pool. Located right in the heart of the French Quarter, it’s impossible to miss the elegance of the service and the effortless grace infused into hospitality at this vacation destination

2. Ace Hotel

ace hotel new orleans

Ace Hotel, New Orleans | IG: aceneworleans

First built in 1928 and then renovated in 2016, what makes Ace Hotel stand out from the rest is its unique blend of old and new elements. Part of its high-rise structure also offers the stunning view of the city or the calming view of the Mississippi River from some of its suites.

As a hotel highly rated for cleanliness, just imagine a rooftop pool and bar to compliment the experience! The Vieux Carre Historic District is just 1 km from its location!

3. New Orleans Marriott

New Orleans Marriott

New Orleans Marriott | IG: neworleansmarriott

This contemporary hotel is conveniently located in the heart of New Orleans, away from the bustling French Quarter. Enjoy views of the park district, warehouse district and stunning convention center from your room. That’s why it’s different from others. In addition to providing visitors with the convenience of using all of the city’s amenities, the New Orleans Marriott Group is known for its warm welcome and spacious rooms

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Best Times To Visit New Orleans

February - May

Looking forward to being a part of the incredible Mardi Gras celebration or the world famous New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival? These are the most anticipated trends in the next few months. However, it’s wise to plan and book your stay in advance – preferably months to a year in advance. Why is this important? Festival attendance increases the demand and price for hotels. Also, the pleasant and warm weather during this time makes it an ideal time to participate in the festival.

You might want to avoid June to August as these are the hottest and rainiest months of the year in New Orleans.

November - January

Discover the allure of New Orleans, as the vibrant crowds dwindle and hotel rates skyrocket annually making it a sought-after destination. With budget friendly lodging options accessible both travelers and tourists can immerse themselves in everything the city has to offer. Whether it is exploring the sights and savoring dishes or simply unwinding and absorbing it all New Orleans promises an unparalleled adventure regardless of the season

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