Top Places To Eat In Asheville

New to Asheville or you are a local who needs help picking out the best place to eat a sumptuous meal with the most hospitable service? Search no further! You can trust this list that we have put together for you!

1. Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey | IG: tupelohoneycafe

A beloved Asheville landmark, Tupelo Honey Café is renowned for its delicious Southern food with a contemporary twist. They use fresh, regional ingredients to prepare their menu items, which include pecan-crusted trout, fried green tomatoes, and shrimp and grits

2. 12 Bones Smokehouse

12 Bones Smokehouse

Barbecue Meal | IG: 12bonesribs

Barbecue lovers will find paradise at 12 Bones Smokehouse. This humble restaurant has developed a cult following thanks to its delicious smoked meats and house sauces. Every dish, from the flavorful pulled pork to the tender ribs, is a tribute to the skill of slow-cooked perfection

3. Early Girl Eatery

Early Girl Eatery

Early Girl Eatery | IG: earlygirleatery

Farm-to-table is more than just a fad at Early Girl Eatery—it’s a way of life. This quaint  restaurant in the heart of downtown Asheville specializes in using local, fresh  ingredients to make comfort food with a modern twist. Their omelets are flavorful and their biscuits are legendary

4. Corner Kitchen

corner kitchen asheville

Corner Kitchen | IG: cornerkitchenavl

Corner Kitchen is the place to go if you want to sample some cuisine with a  New Orleans flair. Situated in a Victorian mansion in Biltmore Village, Corner Kitchen skillfully combines traditional elegance with modern culinary techniques. This classy eatery provides a sophisticated dining experience  with a menu emphasizing ingredients that are sourced locally.

5. White Duck Taco Shop

White Duck Taco Shop

White Duck Taco Shop | IG: whiteducktacoavl

White Duck Taco Shop is a must-visit for taco lovers . Whether you’re enjoying a Korean Beef Bulgogi dish or a Thai Peanut Chicken taco, White Duck Taco Shop blends creativity and local charm to provide a distinctive and delectable dining experience.

6. TacoBilly


Taco Packets | IG: tacobillyasheville

Another well-liked taco joint is TacoBilly, which is renowned for  its tasty and reasonably priced tacos. The menu at this lively taqueria combines classic Mexican flavors with inventive twists. TacoBilly allows customers to  personalize their culinary experience with its  variety of build-your-own taco options and creative specials

7. Biscuit Head

biscuit head asheville

Biscuit Head | IG: biscuitheadavl

Biscuit Head is a haven of biscuit bliss and brunch delights for biscuit enthusiasts. This well-liked breakfast restaurant elevates the basic biscuit with creative toppings, gravies, and homemade jams. With its inventive biscuit sandwiches and famous cathead biscuits, Biscuit Head provides a cozy and decadent way to start the day.

8. Chai Pani

Chai Pani

Chai Pani | IG: chaipani

Indian street food restaurant Chai Pani is a lively place that offers real flavors and fragrances. Chai Pani invites diners to experience the bold and diverse tastes of India in a vibrant and lively setting, from the savory chaat to the flavorful thalis

9. Limones


Limones | IG: limonesavl

In front of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Limones serves a taste of  modern Mexican cuisine. With their freshly made guacamole and excellent margaritas, Limones offers a dining experience that takes  Mexican food to new levels

10. Nine Mile

Nine Mile

Nine Mile | IG: ninemileasheville

Nine Mile is a culinary escape to the tropics, right in the heart of Asheville. The bold and spicy flavors of the Caribbean are expertly complemented  by the laid-back vibe created by the  reggae vibes and vibrant colors. Nine Mile is a restaurant that embodies the spirit of the islands; its menu features mouthwatering seafood dishes, jerk chicken, and aromatic curries.

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